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Western Power: Perth

For over 70 years, Perth has relied on Western Power for its electricity needs. Western Power in Perth is owned by the Western Australian State Government. It is Perth’s main source of electricity supply. With so many years of experience, they are able to deliver the best in basic traditional electric service. At the same time, they are able to meet the demands of modern day renewable energy sources.

How It Works

western power perth

In Perth, Western Power is responsible for the construction, maintenance, and operations of the electricity grid that services the area. Electricity is generated from power plants, then transmitted and distributed via a grid or network. The network is then managed through various retailers, who are the interface for the consumer.

Safety Measures

Providing Perth with reliable and affordable electricity is a top priority for Western Power. Perth residents do, at times, face power issues and unsafe connections due to extreme weather. Safety is a primary concern. They work quickly to restore power, proceeding with extreme caution after assessing the situation. When there is a problem or outage, residents are kept up to date via Western Power’s social media feeds and website.

Western Power in Perth works with licensed contractors to ensure that safety measures are taken. A licensed electrical contractor, such as SGL Electrical, can come out to your home to provide maintenance when your service goes out. An electrical contractor is who you would contact to discuss the planning of electrical wiring for a new home or business. New air conditioning installation is also a project for a licensed contractor.

Today’s Electrical Needs

As today’s electrical needs are constantly changing, Western Power continues to develop new ideas and strategies. Western Australia has some of the sunniest days on Earth, so it’s only natural that solar panel usage is becoming more popular. Also, more electric cars are appearing on the market. Connection points are necessary to keep these vehicles charged. These are some of the more modern ways that electricity usage has changed in recent years. Keeping up with the demands, while staying on top ever-changing technology is Western Power’s focus.

Perth’s Western Power network is constantly being improved and therefore maintenance is performed regularly. This may mean temporarily turning off your power for a short period of time. If your power is going to be down for scheduled maintenance, you will generally be notified in advance. If it’s not a regular maintenance issue, always be sure to contact a reliable licensed electrical technician before attempting any repairs yourself. Contact SGL Electrical today.