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    Electrician Cottesloe

    If you are a homeowner then I am certain you have had to call in a serviceman or two to make repairs to an array of appliances. If you have never dealt with an electrician, I can assure you that being a homeowner makes it all the more likely that you will inevitably need an electrician Cottesloe at some point. If you happen to currently find yourself in that position and you live in Cottesloe, choosing to work with SGL Electrical is going to be the best possible choice you could possibly make. They have been practicing for quite a long time and they have the workmanship to show for it. The team at SGL is highly skilled and competent in a number of areas.

    The team at SGL Electrical are a passionate bunch who pride themselves on their high standards and intense work ethic. Most importantly, we never fail to put our best foot forward and solve your problems with high quality work.

    Here at SGL Electrical we are a family owned business and safety and service are the name of the game. We will work within your budget while providing the same high-quality service as always. Keep reading below to discover the diverse array of services we provide to our clients in Cottesloe.

    Commercial electrical services in Cottesloe

    Here at SGL Electrical we are proud to be able to provide our services to not just residential buildings, but to commercial buildings as well. In fact, there is a range of services we provide to the commercial world.

    Let’s move on and get into the other services we are happy to provide.

    Domestic/residential services in Cottesloe

    It is not uncommon to find yourself facing electrical problems within your home. Especially if it is an older home, like many of us live in. If you find yourself in this situation in Cottesloe in West Australia, it would be wise to contact SGL Electrical. We offer our services within YOUR budget. In addition, we have the ability of making so you decrease your energy usage; inevitably saving you money. We are also skilled in building granny flats and renovations of the interior and exterior of your home.

    Air conditioning services

    In addition to being highly experienced and certified as an electrician Cottesloe, our dedicated team is also certified in supplying and installing air conditioning units; an obvious necessity in Australia. The best part is, SGL has partnered with wholesalers, and can get units at affordable prices. We specialize in split system/duct.

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