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    Electrician Melville

    Being a homeowner can be stressful. What with keeping up with the mortgage and the condition of the home. it can seem virtually endless. If you live in Melville in West Australia and you are in need of electrician Melville either within your home or business; SGL Electrical has 100% got your covered.

    Our team of expert electricians are on call and ready to fix any issues whether they be residential/domestic or commercial, there are many different services we are happy to provide. SGL Electrical is a family owned business that works hard, with a core surrounding safety and service. Customer satisfaction is the absolute name of the game.

    Perhaps the best part about working with our passionate team of professionals is the fact that they are willing to work within your budget, whist providing the same high-quality service as usual. Another perk offered by SGL is their 24-hour after hours service providers. If you are experiencing some type of electrical emergency in the middle of the night, you can call SGL anytime, anywhere in Melville. Let’s take a closer look into the various services provided by SGL Electrical.

    Electrician Melville - Melville Electrician | SGL Electrical

    Domestic/residential electrical services in Melville

    When it comes to providing electrical services in Melville, West Australia, SGL Electrical is one of the best in the business. Therefore, if you are experiencing electrical problems, I would hesitate to contact us. We provide a variety of necessary services to solve all of your domestic electrical needs.

    Our team of professionals electrician Melville will come out and assist you from the design stage, all the way through to the actual physical installation; meeting your specifications every time. Additionally, our employees work to save you on energy usage, therefore further saving you money, working within your budget

    Commercial electrical services in Melville

    Commercial services performed by SGL Electrical include:

    Air conditioning services in Melville

    Besides our high-workmanship and reputable services, SGL Electrical also stands out because our electricians are much more than just that; they are also certified to supply and install a variety of air conditioning units. They mostly work with split system/duct air conditioning systems, and deliver nothing but the best which reflects within completion.

    Electrician Melville - Melville Electrician | SGL Electrical

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