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    Perth Electrical Experts

    As your dedicated expert, SGL Electrical is Perth electrical experts that prepared to take on your electrical job. Whether the project is large or small, we’ve got your qualified electrician Perth. Perth residents can rest assured that whether it is commercial or domestic, we have the qualified professional for you. What’s more, as power outages can occur at any time, we have dedicated technicians ready and able to handle emergencies any time and every day, 24/7.

    As Perth electrical experts we have fully licensed and affordable Perth electricians. Our technicians are qualified and ready to handle your toughest project. SGL Electrical is a family-owned business, so we understand how important it is to you to have your electrical service up and running as quickly as possible. We work promptly and safely to get your electrical work completed.

    Commercial Electrical

    Perth’s leading commercial electrical contractor. We pride ourselves on the performance of our electricians and the services they provide our customers. For the safety of our customers, we adhere strictly to the National Electrical Code. We are Perth electrical experts have over 16 years of experience and are here to serve all of your electrical needs.

    • LED Lighting Design

    Many businesses today are switching to LED lighting. LED bulbs have a longer life than traditional bulbs. They’re also ecologically friendly and free of toxic chemicals. We can help you plan and install a new lighting system.

    • Testing and Tagging

    Since safety is our specialty, we provide a testing and tagging service for your electrical equipment. We’ll come out and visually inspect your equipment and test it to be sure that it is safe for use. Faulty electrical equipment can cause serious injury and even death by electrocution.

    • Data Cabling

    If you are looking for an experienced phone and data cabling professional, look no further than SGL Electrical. We’ve got your qualified electrician. Perth is our home base. Our electricians are fully certified to provide installation and maintenance of your network cabling and phone lines.


    Perth Electrical Experts - Electrician Perth | SGL Electrical

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    • Home Electrical Wiring

    Whether it’s a new or an older home that needs total electrical rewiring, SGL Electrical can completely design and install it for you. If it’s just a maintenance issue, we’re the Perth experts for that, as well.

    • Motion Sensor Lighting

    We install and maintain motion sensor lighting. Motion sensor lighting options reduce energy bills, increase security and offer the convenience of ‘hands-free’ switching.

    • Air Conditioning

    When you contact us, your air conditioning will be completely installed by a qualified electrician. Perth is where we’ve built up such an excellent reputation with wholesalers and air conditioning suppliers that we can even supply the unit for you at a competitive price.

    • Home Cinema Calibration

    Let SGL Electrical assist you with getting your home cinema wired up. We’ll also help you with your HDTV calibration, to make sure you get the clearest, brightest picture imaginable.

    Perth Electrical Experts - Electrician Perth | SGL Electrical

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